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Gawker is crowdsourcing TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to pay off the drug dealers who have a video that allegedly shows the mayor of my city smoking crack.

And I think everyone in this city should ask - How DARE you?

Let me talk to you a second about drugs, criminality, poverty, gangs and guns. I was a reporter for years - and they’re all related. One big criminal family. The gangs, the guns - it all comes from drugs.

Gawker wants to write these criminals a cheque for more money than most of us can imagine having access to in our lifetime. And not a cheque of their money - of *yours*.

All you who bitch about taxes, who need public health care, who are on a waitlist to see a doctor, who work day in and day out, who work hard in crap jobs that don’t pay well - you, joe citizen, who have never broken a law in your life - they’re asking YOU to give this huge amount of money to a group of people who are a violent plague on my city, who risk the lives of both addicts and innocent bystanders on a regular basis.

Who do you think is shooting up our famous shopping mecca, The Eaton’s Centre? Or around it?

I’d like to know how Gawker would explain handing over this enormous sum of money to the parents, family and loved ones of Jane Creba, the teen gunned down on Boxing Day. Or Connor Stevenson, the kid who took a bullet to the head when there was a gangstyle shootemup in the foodcourt. The kid who is alive, miraculously, and walking around with shrapnel in his head.

My tax dollars go to putting these fuckers, these drug dealers, these gangbangers, in prison. My tax dollars go to keeping kids who are raised in poverty out of their hands. My tax dollars go to rescuing the teenage prostitute from the streets.

I work in public policy. We currently have less than what we need to currently maintain public services in my province. For the last year I’ve spent most of my working hours shutting things down to save money.

Cutting the extras… trying to save things like cancer care and community psychiatric services and assistance to people with disabilities. There is no public money anywhere right now.

Do you - gawker editors, managers, owners - have ANY IDEA what I could do with $200K? Do you know what kind of lifesaving research that could pay for? Do you know how much fresh fruit that could put in elementary schools in our impoverished neighborhoods?

Rob Ford may or may not have smoked crack. There is a video in the hands of the people who are involved in ripping my city apart. And instead of turning it over, like good law abiding citizens, they want TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS.

And Gawker thinks you should give it to them - and so far, a bunch of you have donated. 

This rampant stupidity has only managed to elicit one base emotion in me that I can only express by saying - to Gawker and to each one of you who has donated -

Fuck you all. And go to hell.

**Update… well, this has gone all over the place. Off the top, this is not a condemnation of people who use drugs.  This isn’t about what you do with your own money or with your own dealer. This is about media ethics, extortion, and social costs.

But, please note, if you’re going to email me to unload vitriol, please first read the legal definition of extortion. Then, maybe google “social costs of drug abuse”, including costs for hospital treatment for overdose, harm reduction programs, safe injection sites, intimate partner violence as a result of drugs… just for starters… get your calculator out and add up the numbers… have a good read and look around… and *then* go ahead and holler at me. You have the right to donate to this shitshow, and the right to dump on me, but informed dumping is appreciated.

I am more interested in calling out the media “brain trust” that thought this was a good idea.  

And, to underscore… I don’t need a video to tell me that our mayor is a bottomless jam-jar of idiocy.

**Next Update: Apparently Gawker cannot find the bastard gang thugs… erm, Upstanding Members of Our Community to give them the ransom “crowdfunding” you all so generously donated. I do love me some schadenfreude. Has someone checked the court dockets?

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